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You Are Your Own Plug: Tap In


What if everything you have ever wanted in your life is on the other side of you getting over your own bullsh*t thoughts? I know, that thought alone could be a bit infuriatieng because you know how much your desires and dreams mean to you. There's probably a few of you reading this right now rolling your eyes... before you stop reading, give me just a couple minutes to explain what I mean.


Ask yourself, when you think of the business/relationships/wealth etc. that is not yet manifested in your life, in spite of your constant dreaming, do you believe it's actually possible? Or do you imprison it to dream world? Do you allow fear to be the next thought? Do you think to yourself, "it won't work", "somebody is already doing it", "I've never seen it done before", "what if it doesn't work", or "I'm going to look foolish"? When you bookend your desires with thoughts of doubt and fear, it's basically like throwing water on a fire you started and then wondering why it's still dark and cold. It doesn't make sense.

Think about it, everything that has EVER been created in this world started with a thought. The laptop I'm typing on right now started with someone visualizing it and then moving forward knowing that it was possible. Can you imagine how many people told them they were absolutely crazy? And yet, here I am on a laptop sharing a message that could be spread around the world in a matter of seconds. All of this was not real until it was. Until someone believed their vision to be true and moved forward knowing they could make it happen. There's something about KNOWING your dreams to be true.

That's the tricky part about our beautiful minds, whatever you believe to be true, is true. Yes, you are that powerful. So, even if you take action towards your dream, but you are thinking, "this probably won't work"- guess what, you're 100% correct. When you act from a lack mindset, you create lack. So, am I telling you that everything you desire is yours as long as you believe it to be? Yes. This works because when you KNOW that what you dream is real and can happen, there is NO WAY that you don't act on it. Because you are way too smart to be sitting on your own bag. Yes, you are own damn plug.

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