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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Imagine you are a rose seed and you are so excited to bloom into the beautiful rose flower you were created to be. But when you are told that you have to go into the dark soil in order to bloom, you refuse because it’s “scary in the dark”. By not going into the darkness, you are refusing to even allow yourself the opportunity to become. You stay in the comfortable space of a rose seed, living your life knowing that you have the potential to be a rose flower but are too afraid of the dark. In this analogy, you are the rose seed and the darkness is “shadow work”.

Think about it; how many of us settle with being a seed in life because we’re too afraid of our own darkness? Thanks to social media, we can portray like we’ve ‘bloomed’ just by adding a filter and some inspirational content. But, have you ever wondered WHY some people portray themselves to be something they are not?

The truth is there is a piece of them that knows what they can be. Think about what type of lies we have to tell ourselves in order to trick ourselves into believing that we are content with being a seed?

The lies we tell ourselves in order to deny the divinity in us is the ultimate form of self betrayal.

When we deny ourselves our full potential and then see those who seem to be walking in their full divinity (fully bloomed) - we create jealousy within ourselves and project it out. The thing about jealousy is that it’s bred from the seed of self betrayal. When we betray ourselves to the point where we don’t trust ourselves enough to know that we’re worth the (shadow) work but see someone who believed in themselves in full bloomage…their light is painful for us to see because we see ourselves in them. And we are once again faced with the repercussions of our self sabotage.

Ways we Betray Ourselves

- Play the victim. Assume that people are doing well because they didn’t have it as hard as you.

-Compare ourselves, sometimes even to the point of becoming envious.

-Continually choose to be distracted by “life” and not do our true work to remember who we are.

The good news is it is NEVER too late to be what you have been. Seek out yourself and don’t skip the hard (dark) parts. Know that you are forever and always a seed that can bloom.

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