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This January 2023 New Moon Says "Do You Boo"

The new calendar year started a few weeks ago and many have not been feeling “new”, but more lethargic and unproductive. Well, first our “new” cycle definitely doesn’t start in the middle of winter, just pay attention to what nature shows us. (That’s a blog for another day.) However, many of us look at January 1st as an opportunity to realign and assess our desires for the new year. Unfortunately, the energy hasn’t been rocking with us like that quite yet.

That’s all about to change with this new moon in Aquarius on Saturday, January 21 at 3:53 ET. This first new moon of 2023 is ready to help you be truly transparent with yourself and start being future minded with your intentions.

In general, new moons always present the opportunity to get clear on what intentions you want to focus on over the next couple weeks until the full moon, as well as over the next six months when the full moon in the same sign occurs. For instance, this new moon is in Aquarius and the full moon in Aquarius is a little over six months away on August 1st.

How Aquarian Energy Affects This New Moon

Aquarius is the ultimate forward-thinking sign. It is ruled by Uranus, known in astrology as the “Awakener” planet. This new moon placement sets the stage for you to move in a new, maybe even unconventional direction. In addition, Uranus is the planet of sudden change, light bulb moments and the urge to break free.

Aquarians give “ahead of their time” energy and for the most part they are not afraid to be themselves, at all. Spiritually this January 2023 new moon is all about embracing your uniqueness and setting course to create the future that aligns with your most authentic self.

This new moon also carries a releasing energy - past regrets have got to exit stage left. If you need some inspiration, listen to Erykah Badu’s “Bag Lady”.

Creating Your Intentions

Ask yourself, what part of you are you preparing to bring to the light. Remember, we prepare in the dark - just like a seed. This new (dark) moon is the PERFECT soil for creating a miracle harvest.

Long story short, THINK BIG B*TCH. Please don’t be basic with your intentions.

Overall, a new moon in Aquarius is telling you to be you in all ways, all day, everyday. Trust that your higher self is so tired of playing the “rinse and repeat” game - do you boo!

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