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I am here to help you remember the divinity in you - your I AM presence. I believe that we all have a unique purpose on this earth.  With guidance from Spirit, I help you see, accept, love and EMPOWER yourself to create the life you desire and walk in your purpose. It's time to unleash your own 'superpowers'. 
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Are you ready to walk in your purpose?

We all come to a moment in life where we ultimately ask ourselves why we are here and if we are living life to our fullest potential. We often  go on an exhaustive search to find out who we are - looking externally for what's inside of us. 

Have you hit that point where we begin thinking "now what"?

Are you ready to make major moves in your life but feel lost or blocked?
Do you know there's something more for you in this life?
If yes, then let's do this!  Email me at if you have any questions or go to the Book Online Tab and  see what service works for you!

My Approach

It's all about you.

I am your coach and guide, but you are the powerful one. My super power is helping you unleash what's inside of you.
With a magical mix of my 20-year career in communication strategy and my spiritual gifts, I help you discover how what's blocking you from being your authentic self and hoow to be the best version of yourself everyday.  This is less about what others think of you and more about what you think of yourself. 

Together we will uncover how you can manifest the life you desire. Whatever you want to achieve be it in business, spirituality, love, wellness, confidence - consider me your Wing Woman. 


During your Intuitive Reading session, you will have the opportunity to connect with Spirit. This reading can help you define your purpose, identify blocks and gain insight on your path (past, present and future).
Your session could include a variety of intuitive methods including Akashic Record Readings, Chakra Clearing, Tarot &/or Oracle Cards and spiritual channeling. I let spirit guide me to what's best for your needs.

To book click here INTUITIVE READINGS

*All Coaching packages include an intuitive reading during the first session. 
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2 Queens & Crystal Things 

I am the co-founder and co-host of a podcast called '2 Queens & Crystal Things'. This Podcast is about Manifesting Yo' Life, Shifting Your Mind & Raising the Consciousness Type of Sh*t!

We are your spiritual girlfriends providing inspiration, truth, rawness and lots of laughter as we share our spiritual journey with you all. 

Follow this link to listen in:  2QCT


 I am Mia  


While spending more than 20 years as a highly accomplished communications strategist, Mia realized that her ability to hear and see behind and inside of people and situations was an inherent divine power. After several soul stirring experiences, Mia started asking herself big questions about life, the creator and creation.

On her journey of self-discovery, Mia continues to experience the pure joy of self-mastery and helping to awaken people to their own spiritual sovereignty.

Today she is an Intuitive Reader (Akashic & Tarot), Spiritual Channel, Usui Reiki Master, Certified Sound Meditation Facilitator, Spiritual Coach, and podcast host. Mia provides people with the opportunity to connect with spirit, walk in their I AM presence, heal spiritual wounds and gain insight on their path (past, present, future) through her business Wings Unleashed. She is also the creator of the energy healing modality called “The Dragonfly” which uses light, crystals, vibration, and sound techniques. 

 "I am here to help you remember the divinity in you; your I AM presence." ~Mia


Thank you! I'll be in touch shortly.

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